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Friday, November 11, 2011

Add your stats as seen by your opponents to your HM2 hud

If you're a low volume player, you'll frequently have players with whom you've never played joining your tables.  If after 10 hands, they have a VP$IP of 50%, you may start to think that they play quite loose.  But what if they just had a good run of cards?  You may find yourself overadjusting.

Well the same should happen the other way around too, right?  If someone just joined a table and I have been getting hit in the face with the deck, the new guy might think I'm crazy.  But if I'm multi tabling, I may not notice how I am being perceived.  If you use both HM2 and NoteCaddy, there is an easy solution.  We'll add our stats to our enemies' HUD!

The first thing we'll do is go to the NoteCaddy tab in HM2 and click tools->definition digest


Once we're in the definition digest tab, we filter for the "malkovich collection".

I click "add" next to hero_pfr and hero_vpip and they disappear from the list.  I am now finished so I close the definition digest panel.

If I go back to the start page, I see there are pending tasks waiting.

I will click "perform pending actions" and notes will be created for these definitions.  We get a nice view of the progress in the task processor window, which will pop up automatically.

Now players will have these stats as notes.  That's all well and good but hovering over someone's note icon can be tedious if you have to do so constantly.  I feel these are important enough to live directly in my HUD.  I go back into HM2 by clicking the reports button at the very top.  Now I go to HUD Options.  In displayed stats, I can add these notes as stats like shown in the below picture.

Now I click "save" and I am all set.  I don't need to wait for the pending tasks to finish processing but since I don't play much, it finishes within seconds for me.  I will pull up a random hand in the replayer to make sure everything works well.

As you can see from this image, for one player I have 24 hands and he sees me as 32/28 and the other I have 65 hands and am seen as 19/17.  Neither of these has converged though since I play around 22/18!  Knowing this, I can potentially make better reads on my opponents.  Keep in mind, if they have datamined hands, then these numbers will be way off the mark for a small sample size

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  1. After seeing it on 2+2 for years I can finally say.......1st :)
    Good explanation!